Veejay Random Assembly Winder (Models: VJAW-6 &VJAW-8)


From the incessant research towards product quality and technological innovation Veejay has revealed a user friendly Random Assembly Winder (AW) which has robust design with simple and ergonomic concepts produces packages with a variety of yarns and sizes. There are two models namely VJAW-6 and VJAW-8 for 6 inches traverse and 8 inches traverse delivery packages respectively.

The Random Assembly Winder is focused to minimal wear and therefore requires very less maintenance.

Each individual winding head of the machine is fitted with individual motor piloted by an inverter which ensures programmable take up which ensures speed , soft start according to the parameter of doubling speed, soft start according to produce better quality packages at higher production rate with considerable power saving.

  • Straight yarn path ensures minimum yarn abrasion in spite of higher speeds.
  • Reduced mechanical moving parts ensure minimal maintenance.
  • Double arm steel cradle with adjustable pressure points for optimal package.
  • All yarn contact parts are made of ceramic to ensure minimum abrasion.
  • Individual spindle driving technology for higher productivity with lower energy consumption.
  • Advanced Data Monitoring System to view complete performance about machine.
  • Fault Identifying System to support preventive and breakdown maintenances.
  • Own language selection for ease of handling by an operator.
  • High response sensor minimize the single yarn wound into delivery package.
  • Length counting and monitoring for each spindle from centralized controls.
  • Programmable electronic Anti patterning system.
  • A centralized control with touch screen system ensures trouble free, time saving and user friendly operation.
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