Precision Propeller Winder (Model: VJPW-6)


For a Quality Package from TFO, assembling is the crucial factor. The VJPW – 6 Precision Propeller Assembly Winder has been designed to satisfy the needs of the customer in all aspects of Quality and Productivity. It is possible to attain maximum density package with VJPW-6 precision winding for Optimum utilization of TFO machine as well as to give its improved efficiency. Because of no split and no patterning zones in this winding system, smooth unwinding in twisting is assured. Gentlest yarn handling is ensured through the counter rotating blades and straight yarn path even at higher winding speeds.

  • Traverse system by counter-rotating blades
  • No slippage and no pattern
  • Individual speed control
  • Centralized Machine Control
  • Touch-screen display
  • Central input of the winding parameters
  • Fault locating System
  • Spindle Status Monitoring
  • Length measuring system
  • Optical yarn detectors and cutters
  • Motorized Tensioner assembly
  • Universal Peg System
  • Adjustable creel stand
  • Visual doff indication and Alarm indication
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