Veejay Two-For-One Twisters (VJ-100M, VJ-120M, VJ-150M, VJ-190HS & VJ-250)


Veejay Lakshmi is the leading manufacturer of Two-for-One (TFO) Twisters in India.  With the wide range of robust models, Veejay sold more than 5000 Twisters which is over 70% of the market share in India. 

Over 35 years of proven success in the manufacture of twisting machinery with an understanding of the future twisting needs, Veejay Lakshmi offers its customers ultimate in yarn twisting solutions through its newly engineered M Series Two-for-One twisters with the pot diameters of 100mm, 120mm and 150mm, ideally suited for twisting spun yarns. Apart from spun yarn twisting, Veejay has the unique model TFOs for industrial / fancy / coarse yarns namely VJ-190HS and VJ-250.

Veejay Lakshmi has successfully installed machines in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Turkey, Egypt and Uganda specially crafted to meet specific twisting requirements.

  • Reduced machine width of 850mm (for M-Series machines)
  • Provisions for normal/soft package winding
  • Top tray arrangements for storing yarn packages
  • Bunching Device for providing tail end
  • Creeping Device for producing dye packages
  • Waxing Device for hosiery yarn
  • Cradle lifting device for disengaging delivery package during yarn breakage
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