New Features in Excello Automatic Cone Winder
The following new features certainly help to produce high quality packages with higher productivity and less maintenance. And this latest developments and features can be retrofitted in old machines from the year 1997 onwards to make it as a new generation winder.
  1. 9-Can Bobbin Magazine System:    

      9-Can bobbin magazine system holds 60% more reserve bobbins and thereby it takes 60% more time to exhaust because 9-Can bobbin magazine system has 8 reserve bobbins whereas 6-Can bobbin magazine system has only 5 reserve bobbins.

 The 9-Can bobbin magazine system reduces the frequency of bobbin loading and results in significant reduction of operator’s walking distance.

More no. of spindles can be loaded by an operator in comparison with 6-Can bobbin magazine system thereby significant reduction in operators.


2.  Square Type Unwinding Accelerator:


Prior to this square type unwinding accelerator, an open type unwinding accelerator was used. It was not effective to control the balloon resulted more hairiness due to higher balloon diameter.

The recently introduced square shaped unwinding accelerator is specially designed to control the balloon diameter in order to reduce the unwinding tension.

  3. Heavy Duty Sintered Scissors:    

Newly introduced sintered scissors are made with a special material by powder metallurgy technique. These scissors never requires lubrication or mechanical maintenance.  And also the life of the sintered scissors are longer.



4. Reduced Doffing Time:

  The cycling time of automatic doffer is reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.       25 % decrease in the doffing time results in increase the productivity little bit. 
  5. Increased Tail End during Doffing:    
  The Excello Doffer provides an adjustable Tail End length from 0.9m to a maximum of 2.5m.  This increases the efficiency in knitting and Loom-shed as Tail End Missing is eliminated.  
  6. Surge Protection:    
  Surges are transient voltages or currents that exceed the electrical limits of a system or equipment. Surges cause extensive damage to Electronic and Electrical parts and in some situations momentary malfunctioning of equipment.

This kind of failure was sometimes occurring in our Headstock Electronics and frequent occurrence of 220V Electronics Alarm.

Surge Suppressors are provided at the Electrical Panel. This has improved the reliability of Headstock Electronics and has eliminated the occurrence of 220V Electronics Alarm due to Surges.




7. Suction Motor Independent ON / OFF:


In automatic cone winders, the hard waste should be removed often from hard waste collection bin.  The entire machine should be switched off while removing hard waste due to precautionary measures.  An independent switch is currently installed for suction motor to switch off independently.   

Currently, one can collect the waste by stopping suction motor instead of the entire machine.  The spindles are not in splice cycle will function as usual.  This results significant improvement in machine efficiency and productivity as well as there is zero machine down time.

  8. Drum ON/OFF System:    

Patterning occurs whenever the surface speed of the package and the surface speed of the drum coincide.  In the previous method, modulation unit is provided for giving oscillation to the cradle continuously through out the package.  In the new development, drum ON-OFF system is introduced continuously throughout the package for avoiding the pattern.


  • Better take-up package and greater precision of yarn length
  • Less maintenance of parts that move the cradle
  • Less energy consumed
  9. Wax Exhaust Detection:    

A Magnetic Sensor continuously monitors the Wax Roll.  When the Wax Roll is about to get exhausted, an Alarm Signal flashes for Wax Roll Change.  But the spindle keeps operating.  If the Operator replaces the Wax within 15 minutes, the Alarm Signal is automatically cancelled.   

If Wax is not replaced even after 15 minutes of Alarm Signal flashing, the particular spindle will be stopped.

10. Inverter Drive for Suction Motor:


Usually the Suction Level generated for the reliable holding of the upper is much greater than the Optimum Level.  By installing Closed Loop Control for the Suction Motor by means of a Sensor and Inverter, the Optimum Level of Suction depending on the application can be generated. 

The Closed Loop Control System ensures that the Set Level of Suction is maintained uniformly even when many spindles are in splicing process.  This Closed Loop Control of suction leads to considerable savings in Power Cost.

11.  New Industrial Computer:


Feedback from customers in Rajasthan region indicated that the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) of the machine computer requires frequent replacement.  The reported phenomenon was studied and analysed.  The analysis pointed out the high ambient temperature around 45˚C, present in that region, for most of the year, as the root cause for the failure of the LCDs of the computer. 

The New Industrial Computer has a high operating temperature version LCD for reliable operation.  This retrofit can be done for the existing computers in the field also. 

  12. Automatic Cone Winder with Yarn Sensor:    

Usually the Automatic Cone Winder is equipped with an Electronic Yarn Clearer for clearing of Yarn Faults.  But there are specific applications where Electronic Yarn Clearing may not be required.  The ACW without Electronic Yarn Clearer caters to this segment.

  • Cone-to-Cone Rewinding of already cleared yarn

  • Winding of Fancy Slub Yarns

  • Cheese to Cone Winding of Dyed Yarns

  • Winding of residual yarns from various cones.

 The Electronic Clearer is substituted by an Electronic Yarn Sensor.  Since Fault Clearing is not required, it checks for presence of yarn only.  It gives a signal for yarn break during winding to enable Automatic Splicing.  The Yarn Sensor used is of Optical Type and hence it can work with any type of yarn.

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